Progress Report Ads

Progress Reports are sent to members via email or post mail, at their choice. Each PR is sent to approximately 900 members. They are also posted on the website Progress Reports page, where they are available for open viewing for a minimum of two years. Ads must be print-ready and supplied in JPG or PNG format.

Ad Size Dimensions Price
Full Page 5″ X 8″ $150
Half Page 2.5″ X 4″ $80
Quarter Page 1.25″ X 2″ $80

Progress Report #3 will be sent in September, 2019. Ads are due by August 15, 2019,

Program Book Ads

The Program Book is a true collector’s edition, around 120 pages, with original works,
interviews, and highest-quality reproductions. Each WFC supporting or attending
member receives a copy of the program book, either on-site at the convention or in
the mail afterward. The print run is expected to be around 1,100 for the 2019 book.

Ads are due by August 31, 2019.

Ad Size Dimensions B&W Price Full Color Price
Full Page 8″ X 10″ $475 $850
Half Page Horizontal 8″ X 5″ $275 $500
Half Page Vertical 3.875″ X 10.5″ $275 $500
Quarter Page 3.875″ X 5″ $150 $300
Inside Front Cover 8″ X 10″ $1200
Inside Back Cover 8″ X 10″ $1200

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There is so much more than just print advertising. Sponsorships are another way you can advertise with us.

Take a look at our WFC 2019 Promotional Packet for some possible sponsorships and so much more.
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