World Fantasy Convention 2019 is hosted by the Southern California Institute for Fan Interests (SCIFI), Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that was established for the promotion and conduct of conferences, conventions or congresses relating to the fields of Science Fiction and Fantasy.


Sherri Benoun and Bruce Farr


Bobbi Armbruster and Joyce Lloyd


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Advertising and Sponsorships Ginny Smith Contact Advertising
Art Show Joni Dashoff Contact Art Show
Autograph Session Lea Farr
Jannie Shea
Jude-Marie Green
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Dealers Room Sandy Cohen Contact Dealers
Facilities Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink
Jason Justice
Jupiter Justice
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Finance Kim Marks Brown Contact Finance
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Programming Craig Miller
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Audio Visual Team Cathy and Dean Johnson
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Sean Brown-Kohalmy
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Food Truck Café Jerome Scott
Green Room Genny Dazzo
Guest Liaison Lee Whiteside
Hospitality Suite Anita Nuñez
Load Master Chris Marble
Party Coordinator Genny Dazzo
Program Book Chris Castro
Programming Operations Tony and Sherri Benoun
Anne-Marie Bush
JoAnn Diaz
Storage and Logistics Alec Orrock
Volunteers Julia Ree