World Fantasy Board

The World Fantasy Organization Board awards the site for upcoming World Fantasy Conventions and enforces the rules that govern each event.  The Board is composed of permanent members; chairpersons of the upcoming, present, and past two conventions, as well as past chairpersons who show a continuing interest; and the Administrators of the Awards.

Board Officers

Jo Fletcher (Co-Chair)
Meg Turville-Heitz (Co-Chair)
Renee Babcock (Secretary)
Ellen Datlow (Ex officio)
Gordon van Gelder (Ex officio)
Darrell Schweitzer (Permanent Member)
Rodger Turner (Permanent Member)

Awards Administration

Ellen Datlow
Jo Fletcher
Irene Gallo
Peter Dennis Pautz
Rodger Turner
Gordon van Gelder

Board Members

Sherri Benoun
Bruce Farr
Chip Hitchcock
Sally Kobee
Diane Lacey
Dee Larsen
William Lawhorn
Jonathon Miles
Ann Rudolph
Virginia Smith
Michael J. Walsh
Mike Willmoth

To send a message to the World Fantasy Convention Board, please email [email protected].